A sneak peek into Steam Deck carry-case and update on manufacturing

As we all are patiently counting down the days, Valve was kind enough to share an update on the highly anticipated Steam Deck. We get to see the carry-case of the 64GB and 256GB units. Not going to lie, it looks nice. Clean, sturdy, incognito, just as I like it. But take a look yourself.

Now that the good news were delivered, there are some bad ones, too. Valve casually mentioned that their DV (“Design Validation”) built was finished, and there will be additional minor changes in the final product. If we are reading that right, this sadly means that the full scale production has still most likely not started. Considering the sheer number of preorders Valve received, it wouldn’t be outside of the realm of possibility that there may be further delays beyond Q1 2022 of the first adopters. 

But hope dies last and we will be glad to learn how wrong we were! What do you think about these news and the sweet carry-case? Let us know on the Discord! 

Source: https://steamcommunity.com/