LaptopWiki FAQ

We are a friendly and an open community where anyone can join to ask for help or offer to help others or just stay to have a friendly discussion about related topics they are interested in.

Our members are from all around the world. You can reach us on our Discord server.

We started as a small community trying to find out more information about a new laptop that was about to release. It promised amazing features and great price in time of great shortages, which naturally spiked our interest. Over the time we grew in numbers and slowly expanded to cover a lot more than a single laptop model and started offering help and guidance to anyone who would ask for help.

The easiest for anyone new to editing wiki is probably reaching any staff member on our Discord. Alternatively, if you are familiar with editing on the wiki, or are just curious and want to try, you can use a dedicated space in here: Community Lab After adding your entry, it is still best to ping any member of the LaptopWiki Discord staff to get the article added to the guides.

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