LaptopWiki Cookies

We only use standard DokuWiki tools. We do not add additional tracking to visitors, no analytics.

We use following cookies:

Used for authentication after login. This holds the necessary data to (re)login a previously authenticated user.

* Importance: necessary for anyone who needs to log in
* Typical content: encrypted username and password
* Expires: in a year 1)

Used for remembering helpful user preferences, like the size of the editor textarea.

* Importance: functional
* Typical content: name/value pairs in plain text
* Expires: in a year

The standard PHP session identifier. Used to hold temporary data and to avoid CSRF attacks.

* Importance: necessary
* Typical content: random ID
* Expires: at the end of the browser session


  1. While yes, it does collect some basic data about sessions, since we are proxied through Cloudflare, we do NOT know your IP addresses.
    I know, it smells “trust me bro”, but it is reality.
  2. The purpose of this statistics plugin is so we know what pages are the most visited and what keywords are searched the most.
  3. As we do not allow logins for non staff, any tracking regarding logged users is not relevant.

if “Remember me” was checked when logging in, otherwise: at the end of the browser session
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