Assigining the correct GPU / Switch GPU

By default, laptop should handle it on its own automatically. However, sometimes, it makes a wrong decision. It can assign an undemanding app to run on the dGPU, causing unnecessary power drain, or assign the demanding app or game to run on the iGPU, causing FPS loss.

Nvidia provides a workaround for this issue. You can check whether the app is running on the correct GPU in Nvidia control panel:


After enabling the GPU activity monitor, a new icon will be added to the taskbar. Clicking on the icon will list all the apps that are currently using the Nvidia GPU:


On the Nvidia control panel, you can switch GPU, either for a specific application, or apply global settings that will make all applications use the desired GPU by default.

1. head to Manage 3D settings,

2. pick global or program settings, depending on whether you want to force specific GPU on all or only a select apps,

3. select the app from the list. If you don't see your app in there, you may need to add the executable manually

4. set which GPU you prefer the app to run on. Integrated GPU for power efficiency, high powered Nvidia GPU for the best performance.

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