Extend Battery Life

Extend battery life using community made power plan

This is a guide intended to boost your machine's battery life (especially for brand new laptops).

Hybrid Mode

  1. Make sure your Hybrid mode is enabled
    1. With Vantage/Lenovo Toolkit
    2. Your iGPU needs to be listed in
 devmgmt.msc -> Display Adapter
  1. If you have a laptop equipped with Advanced Optimus (AO), use HWInfo and determine if the dedicated GPU is using power as there’s a known bug with AO not fully “killing” the DGPU after going back into Optimus mode
  2. Kill the dGPU using this guide.

Battery calibration

I you have a newly bought laptop or a laptop that has been plugged in for a long time, then you should calibrate the battery.

  1. Discharge to 15%-20%
  2. Charge to 100%

Repeat this process until you get normal discharge rate of 11-15W. Usually it takes two of these drain-charge cycles to get that low.

Refresh Rate

Use Legion Toolkit to set device to switch to 60Hz automatically when the device is unplugged

Power Plans

Use Kira’s Quiet Mode V1, Download (AMD)

Use Kira Quiet Mode v2, Download (AMD)

Use Undervolt's Battery Saver Plan, Download (Intel)

Importing Power Plan

  1. Open cmd or powershell as Administrator

List all available power plans

 powercfg.exe /L
  • Now all the power plans installed in the laptop will be displayed along with their GUID, currently equipped power plan will be denoted by an asterisk (*)
  • Execute the following command (you have to modify it, don't copy and paste):
 powercfg import "C:\path\to\file\PowerPlan.pow" GUID
  • Use the previous command (powercfg.exe /L) again to list all power plans to make sure you are importing correct one.
  • Now follow the above listed format and type the command according to the location of your powerplan. Make sure to add .POW at the end since it is usually hidden by windows.
  • Example
 powercfg.exe import “C:\Users\kira\Downloads\KiraQuietModeV2.pow”
  • To confirm the power plan installation, navigate to
 Windows Search → Edit Power Plan → Power Plan Name → Enable

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