Basic BIOS Tools

These tools enable you to do basic backup, dump and restore if you DON’T want to lose any board info in case a BIOS update/mod/whatever failed and you have flashed an empty BIOS then you need your board info back

  • Extract it somewhere
  • a) To dump your current BIOS, go to Scripts and run _dump_BIOS.Ink
  • b) To backup all your Lenovo Variables, go to Scripts and run _backup.cmd as admin. A log file will be opened in notepad to monitor progress
  • Your info should be backuped and stored in bios_backup / LVAR_backup
  • Save them in the cloud just in case you need it someday (optional)
  • If step _b) has been done and you lost your board info due to whatever reason, go to Scripts and run _restore.cmd as admin and a log file will be open in notepad to tell the progress

Download: LaptopWiki CDN

Always check the files you download.


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