Flash VBIOS for higher TGP in Legion Laptops

Warning: This is an advanced guide and have potential risks that will damage your laptop and void warranty if done incorrectly.
The guide is provided as is, and the user takes full responsibility if something happens to their device.

If you ever get a Board ID mismatch, abort!

  1. Switch to Hybrid Mode in Lenovo Vantage or Legion Toolkit
  2. Backup Current VBIOS either with GPU-z or nvflash.
  3. Just to be safe: Disconnect any peripherals connected to the dGPU (HDMI, USB-C)
  1. Open it and click on the Export Icon near BIOS version number. (Marked in the Screenshot below)

Alternatively you can use nvflash outlined in Method 2.

  1. Download Lenovo package from Lenovo Website or the download section at the bottom of this article that is appropriate for your GPU.
  2. Run it.
  3. Reboot and you have higher TGP. Confirm by checking in Nvidia Control Panel > System Information.

If this method fails, try Method 2.

  1. Extract nvflash into
  2. Download VBIOS for your GPU from attachment below
  3. Open CMD as admin, type in cd ``C:\nvflash\``. You can copy the path from address bar in File Explorer
  4. Type dir to ensure you are in the right directory. You should see your ````m and ``nvflashxx.exe`` files
  5. Run these commands
  6. Backup
    nvflash64.exe -b backup.rom
  7. Flash
    nvflash64.exe -f -6 <VBIOS file name>.rom
  8. When flashing it might give you two warnings. Say yes to both.

  9. Reboot
  10. Confirm flash with Nvidia Control Panel > System Information

Download Links

For Gen 6 users, you need custom mode to change cTGP and make use of VBIOS. It will have stock behavior in other modes.


Lenovo Package made for Legion 5i Gen 7. Can be installed in Gen 6.

Lenovo Package made for Legion 5 Gen 7. Can be installed in Gen 6.

ROM File


Lenovo Package made for Legion 5i Pro Gen 7. Can be installed on Gen 6.

ROM File

2060 Legion 5 85w to 115w

Warning this VBIOS will not work on Y540 and Legion 7i 2020


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