Flashing L5P GPU VBIOS to a Slim7

This guide will show you how to flash a 130W Legion 5 Pro GPU VBIOS onto 100W Legion Slim 7

Disclaimer: This is for advanced users. Flashing a VBIOS can brick the GPU. I am not responsible for any damages caused in the process. I have tried the 130W VBIOS and it did not work out for me, my GPU reached its thermal throttling limit.

  • Download the attached files and unzip the folder.
  • Place the folder inside your C: drive.
  • Open a Command Prompt as Administrator.
  • cd.. to the location of the nvflash folder.
  • Type nvflash64 -6 ASUS-3060-130W.
  • After flashing the ASUS VBIOS, type nvflash64 -6 GA106-L5P-130W.
  • Restart your device, your RTX 3060 will now have the target power set to 80W and the limit TGP set to 130W. If the screen goes black after restarting, follow this guide to fix a soft-bricked GPU
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