LVAR Recovery

Lenovo Vantage has the default interface rather than the gaming interface, and System Information is missing, e.g: Model Name: INVALID, Serial Number: INVALID plus some of the features in vantage which were previously there, missing.

In order to recover the default values, we will use a command line based developer app called LVAR(Lenovo Variable Tool)
First of all, download the linked .rar, and then extract the folder inside it to C:/. After that, open up an Admin CMD.

Download: LaptopWiki CDN


 cd C:/LVAR

and hit enter. You may want to run


to double-check if you are in the right folder.

After checking it, now you can start running the commands. (For this, you need to know your default values) \\(RUN THEM ONE BY ONE!)

In the following commands, make sure you have a 64-Bit OS. If you have a 32 Bit system, then use the 32 Bit version of the “Exe Commands”, Example: LvarWin32V229.exe /w /pjn /c “LNVNB161216”

LvarWin64V229.exe /w /pjn /c "LNVNB161216"
LvarWin64V229.exe /w /pn2 /c "LNVNB161216"

(For the motherboard model, it’s same on all Legion’s.)

LvarWin64V229.exe /w /pn /c “Lenovo Legion 5 15IMH05H”

(Your full model name, change the “5 15IMH05H” to your model name, it’s located on the sticker’s under the laptop.)

LvarWin64V229.exe /w /fd /c "Legion 5 15IMH05H"

(Your model name once again, change the “5 15IMH05H” to your model name.)

LvarWin64V229.exe /w /mt /c "8XXXXXXXX"

(This one is for the MTM, you can find it on the sticker’s under the laptop.)

LvarWin64V229.exe /w /ln /c "PFXXXXXX"

(This is for the serial, it’s on the sticker’s under the laptop)

After doing all that, restart, and you should have all of your info back, as well as the Gaming Vantage. LVAR

Always check the files you have downloaded.

@Dglt, Undervolti

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