Lenovo Legion Displays

Name: CSOT MNG007DA1-1

  • Brightness curve
  • Lenovo FRU: 5D11C72402 (Select LCD Assemblies)
  1. Download “PQCONFIG.DV file and copy it into

    Following files have also been confirmed to work on 2022 models (since they share a lot of hardware, including display panels)

Model Download Link
2021 Legion 5 Pro (AMD) Download
2021 Legion 5i Pro (Intel), 2021 Legion 7i (Intel) Download
2021 Legion 5 (AMD) Download
2021 Legion 5i (Intel) Download

Lenovo uses X-Rite (xrite) to manage color profiles. By default, your display might have a yellow-ish tint.

  • Download Lenovo X-Rite
  • After first launch X-Rite should ask you if you want to auto-download color profiles from Lenovo's site.
  • If you don't want to do it automatically, download those profiles from our CDN
  • Unzip the archive
  • Copy contents of the archive to
  • Now open X-Rite, you should have 4 color profiles. (Not Calibrated, Default, sRGB and Rec. 709)

If you want to download ICC profiles manually, replace the YYYY with your model and replace the XXXXXXXX with your serial number.


  1. model: 82JQ
  2. serial: ABCD1234 

Credit: asderdd#8476

Update: There have been reports of this tool not working for owners of 2022 Legion 5 non Pro laptops.

One of the things I was disappointed with initially was the display. It seemed a bit dim compared to other 500 nit displays.
If you are unhappy with yours, check:

  • Power settings. It can ‘bug’ if you go from battery saver to other performance modes, not allowing you to change brightness. This will require a reboot
  • X-Rite Color assistant. See which mode suits you
  • Windows colour profiles. Setting to TPL_1600_Default.ipm is my preference
  • If you want to turn off the logo light at the back of the display, press Fn + L


On some units with a high refresh rate display, namely the 2021 Legion 5 non Pro, for some reason 60Hz display mode is missing. This can affect your battery life when not on a charger.
But there is a way to add it back.

  1. Install CRU (Custom Resolution Utility)
  2. Create a new 60Hz Profile by useing “Add…” button in the detailed resolutions of the app, then restart for the changes to apply
  3. Map a hotkey
  4. From the 2 profile’s in HRU, set the 2nd one as 60hz using the drop down list near it, then set a hotkey for both. (not possible to set the same hotkey for both, or the fn key)
  5. ctrl+1 for 120hz (which is my native, it will work with your 165hz too) and ctrl+2 for 60hz.


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