Legion 7 and Corsair iCue Battery Drain Fix

The iCUE battery drain issue can be easily fixed just by disabling all Corsair related Windows Services

  1. Open services.msc
  2. Scroll down to Corsair
  3. On every Corsair service (Corsair Gaming Audio, Corsair LLA Service, Corsair Service) Right Click → Properties → Startup Type: Disabled
  4. Stop the service

This will prevent the services from running in the background and spiking the CPU clockrate every time their service polls hardware status information.
Bear in mind that you will have to repeat the above steps every time you let the iCUE software update itself. Once the services are off your battery life should return to normal, and you’ll still be able to use keyboard lighting if you wish.

NOTE be sure to setup your profiles BEFORE you disable the services. That way you can enjoy your profiles without the drain.

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