Using Lenovo Recovery to restore a Lenovo computer

  1. Lenovo computer that came with an operating system
  2. Lenovo ID
  3. At least an 8GB USB flash drive
  1. Despite it saying “order”, they are free.
  2. Download the USBRecoveryCreator utility from
  3. Enter your Serial Number: How to find your serial number
  4. Select your OS (sometimes only one is available) and your language
  5. Make sure to select Digital Download
  6. Accept Terms and Conditions
  7. Hit Next
  8. If you aren't signed with a Lenovo ID, do it here.
  9. Confirm “order” (again, it's free)
  1. Launch the USBRecoveryCreator
  2. Download Recovery Files and Create a Recovery USB Key
  3. Log into your Lenovo ID
  4. Select your recovery order
    • If you have multiple of them the latest one is at the bottom
  5. Select download location (you can keep the default)
  6. Start the download
  7. Once it's completed select your flash drive
  8. Create your recovery flash drive
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