Linux on Lenovo ThinkPad X390 Yoga

If you want to run Linux on your ThinkPad X390 Yoga, you have come to the right place.
This guide focuses on Debian based Linux, sorry Fedora and Arch users!

Status Notes
Touchscreen Works out of the box
Gyro/Autorotation Works out of the box Waydroid doesn't work in portrait mode
Stylus Works out of the box Palm rejection also works, tested in Xournal++
Onscreen keyboard Kubuntu = Install Maliit Install Maliit - only on Kubuntu, Ubuntu has an onscreen keyboard built in on Wayland
Tablet Mode Works out of the box Keyboard and touchpad get disabled automatically when you rotate the device
Display Scaling Works Gnome or KDE required for 125 and 150%
Graphics acceleration Works out of the box Out of the box Intel driver is used
LTE Works OBBE on Ubuntu, doesn't on Kubuntu Fibocom L850-GL. There is a 3rd party driver in development, xmm7360-pci, haven't tested myself
Ethernet dongle Works out of the box
Speakers Work out of the box Use this guide to improve audio quality (like on Windows you would use Dolby)
Sleep Works out of the box S3 Sleep
Docking port Works out of the box USB, Ethernet, Power button and Displayport works. Not sure about VGA
Trackpoint Semi works Possible to adjust curve separate from touchpad/mouse, but still stutters a lot.
Fingerprint reader Gnome (Ubuntu 22.10) Only Works onlu on Ubuntu+Gnome (doesn't work on Kubuntu+KDE). Doesn't unlock Keychain, so you need to enter password or set a blank one
  • Why do we need Gnome Or KDE?

Because most DEs, except Gnome3 and KDE, lack proper fractional scaling. X390Y is a 13.3 inch device, and I personally need 125% to see anything. Gnome currently only supports 100/150/200.
Even then it's not perfect. 125% makes all apps that run under xwayland very blurry. While that can be semi fixed on app by app basis, it gets complicated if you use Flatpaks or Snaps. So stick to native packages.

  • What is Maliit?

Maliit is the best (and really only existing) onscreen keyboard for Wayland. Distro choice revolves around it, as it is essential for tablet mode use.

  1. Since we need Maliit for our software keyboard, look into their launchpad to see what versions are supported
  2. At the time of writing, Jammy (22.04) isn't supported but Kinetic (22.10) is
  3. Download:
  4. Use Rufus to create the installer
    1. GPT
    2. No Persistence
  5. Reboot to BIOS
    • Make sure you have Legacy mode disabled in the BIOS
    • Secure boot can be enabled
  6. Boot the installer
  7. Install the OS as usual
    • I recommend checking the “Install drivers” option
  8. On first boot, make sure to select Plasma (Wayland) on the login screen
  1. Run
 sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade
  1. Install the onscreen keyboard with
 sudo apt install maliit-keyboard
  1. Go to Settings - Input - Virtual Keyboard - Select Maliit
  1. Press Apply * If you don't see Virtual Keyboard section, log out and select Wayland in the bottom left corner.
  2. Reboot
  3. Import better sound profiles for speakers using this guide
  4. Set proper trackpoint speed in Settings
  5. Enjoy your Yoga with Linux!

Install Ubuntu/Kubuntu 22.10 and use Wayland

Why not 22.04? Maliit doesn't work on 22.10 unless you want to compile it yourself. I don't.

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