Winget is Microsoft's 1st party “package manager” like tool for Windows, used primarily through a command line interface.
Some Windows Store Win32 apps are distributed using Winget, they usually say “provided by $publisher” under the name and can't be uninstalled through the Windows Store.
It comes preinstalled on newest versions of Windows 10 and Windows 11. If you have Windows Terminal installed you probably have Winget.
Download Link:, in the “Assets” section look for a .msixbundle file.


 winget install Ghisler.TotalCommander 

Install silently

 winget install Ghisler.TotalCommander --silent

Uninstall Install

 winget uninstall Ghisler.TotalCommander 

Search Install

 winget search totalcommander 

Update one app

 winget upgrade Ghisler.TotalCommander 

Update all apps

 winget upgrade --all 

If you want to avoid UAC prompts, run CMD/Powershell/Windows Terminal as an administrator.

Windows app: WingetUI (doesn't seem to support installing UWP apps)
Web app:

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