Laptop stuck in low power mode

Device: Lenovo laptop

Problem: Laptop is stuck in low power mode, as if it was powered only by a USB-C Power delivery, even if regular Lenovo Slim Tip connector is plugged in.

Solution: EC reset

Quick EC reset

1. While the laptop is booted in, press and hold the power button for 30 seconds.
2. Release and wait for 5 seconds.
3. Turn the laptop on again.
4. Laptop will boot with Balance mode on all laptops and with the default RGB wave on RGB models only.

Full EC reset

1. Hold power button for 30 seconds until the laptop shuts down and also gives a sound while its off. Don't release the key until that sound comes after it's turned off.
2. Remove back panel, remove battery and CMOS
3. Reconnect CMOS without battery and switch on the laptop with AC adaptor
4. Run the laptop for 5 minutes
5. Shut down the laptop and reconnect the battery
6. Switch on the laptop and check if your issue has been resolved

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