Laptop Repaste Guide

Where we are going we don't need thermal pastes, we got thermal pads!

Alternatively get one of these from nearby retailer

  • Cut the pad size a little bit bigger than the die size of CPU and GPU.
    • Check online for exact dimensions of the CPU and GPU die.
  • Apply like a screen protector (the pad might have protective plastic on both sides) on the die itself. (Check online for screen protector application tutorial before starting here)..
  • Ensure there are no bubbled in your application.
  • Screw Heatsink back in (make sure to do only one turn per screw in order dictated until every screw is tightened).
  • Make sure the application of the paste / pad is right before the Heatsink is mounted.

  • It's not just the screw order that matters, but how you start screwing in the first place:
    • The key is to turn the screw oppossite way until you hear an audible “click” ( This ensures the screw threads are properly seated).
    • Do this for each screw when barely starting your turns.
    • Lastly, follow the one turn per screw protocol.

  • Every laptop has its own screw order. Make sure to first open your laptop and have a look on the heatsink for numbers engraved on the heatsink. Take a picture and mark them to see what order they have.
  • Make sure to always follow the order depicted in the heatsink for optimal mouting pressure being distributed equally among the whole heatsink.
    • Not following the screw order will lead to huge differences in temperature delta between cores, which in the end will make some cores throttle, while other cores will stay cool.

  • Liquid Metal is another thermal compound that could be used instead of a normal thermal paste / pad. In order to know more about liquid metal, check these two videos


  • Very dangerous and finnicky. Not recommended for devices that move a lot.

In case of unsurety, follow this video tutorial or this one as a basic guide to repaste the laptop.

Legion slim 7i gen 7 2022 Teardown and Repaste

Rescrewing legion 5 pro for better die contact

Credits: Beyacon, Kaptan Yosun, Braxton

  • RTX 3060 Laptop GPU: 20x15mm
  • RTX 3070 Laptop GPU: 20x20mm
  • Intel i7 11800H: 20x10mm
  • AMD R7 5800H: 13×14
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