RTX 3070 Mobile Tweaking Guide

We are not responsible if this guide damages your hardware. Use at your own risk.

(simpler than v1) Prerequisites:

  • MSI Afterburner + RTSS
  • GPU stress test program e.g. Unigine Heaven
  • Some games to test real-world stability
  1. In MSI afterburner settings turn on everything in the General & Compatibility sections
  2. Set core clock to lowest and apply
  3. Press ctrl + F to open voltage table
  4. Drag the point at 750mV to 1600MHz and apply (GPU clock will settle at 1590 or 1605)
  5. The table should now be a sharp increase with a plateau starting at 750mV onwards
  1. Open voltage table and stress test in windowed mode
  2. At 750mV, increase the point in 15MHz increments, waiting a minute to test stability, until the screen goes black or the stress test crashes and record the MHz that caused the crash. reset table and repeat for 775 and 800 (optional to proceed up to 850)
  3. Apply the values together in the table at 1 increment below the crash clock speed
    e.g. 750mV: 1650MHz > 1635MHz
  4. Individual GPU cores will have varying limits so don’t use someone else’s values for your own GPU

Just apply target clock at 1 voltage and be done with it. not much perf difference if you pick the correct voltage point
e.g. 800mV: 1710MHz

For VRAM just leave it at +300 since there is not much benefit to OC

Enjoy your GPU cranked to the limit


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