mRemoteNG is a Windows only software to manage multiple remote connections in a tabbed interface.
It supports RDP, SSH, Telnet, VNC and HTTP (Embedded Firefox) connections.
It can save your login details and can be password protected.
It stopped development a few years back, but last year development restarted under a new team.


Download the portable .zip from the link above and extract it to a folder. That is it.

All of your settings are (by default) in a ConfCons.xml file, which can be encrypted, so you can safely store your passwords in it.
First time you launch mRemote, it will ask you if you want to enable auto updates. Say no.
The app will look like this first time you launch it

  1. Right click on “Connections” and create a new folder. Call it, for example, “Remotes”
  2. Then do it again and create a folder called “Home” under “Remotes”.
  3. Now right click again and select “New Connection”
  4. In the “Config” panel in the bottom left you can see options like
    1. Name
    2. Icon
    3. IP
    4. Username (Optional)
    5. Password (Optional)
    6. Redirect Key Combinations (so keyboard shortcuts like Alt-Tab switch in your RDP connection and not on your host)
  5. Here you can prefill your username or password. This will not be encrypted unless you encrypt the ConfCons.xml - later in guide
  6. After you have filled in your details, double click on the connection and RDP into your computer.

  1. Select the “Connection” menu in the connecton tree
  2. In the “Options” panel you will see a menu “Password Protect”
  3. You will be prompted to enter a password.
  4. Now every time you start mRemoteNG you will have to enter this password. This can NOT be recovered.
  5. And while confCons.xml is still mostly plaintext, the most important thing, passwords, are NOT.

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