Refresh Rate and Power Profile Auto-Switch V2

Introducing the 2nd solution to harmoniously switch the refresh rate and the power profiles for our legions.
Why is this better? Because the BatterySaver program crashed and did not work many times with the 1st solution.

By default, when it is unplugged it will switch to 60Hz and quiet mode and while plugged 165hz and Balanced mode (default).
If you have a screen with different refresh rate or would like to use performance mode instead then edit the “Settings” section in this file first: LegionRefreshPowerSwitch.bat
To make it work, just extract it to a folder and run install.bat with run as administrator. (It copies the extracted files to “C:\Program Files\LegionRefreshSwitch” and creates a scheduled task named BATTERYSAVER) If you don’t need it anymore just run uninstall.bat.

Disable temporarily:
Go to Task Scheduler and disable the task named BATTERYSAVER.

This software is confirmed to work on 2021 L5P and L7 models with 165Hz screen.
For Legion 5 2021 models you need to have a 60Hz screen refresh rate option added by CRU. Covered in this guide
Afaik Legion 2020 models don’t have Lenovo power profiles so you can only use this to switch the refresh rate on them if you add the 60Hz option by CRU.

If your ICC profile changes during the switch use this: A workaround to LegionRefreshPowerSwitch.bat script. It only opens and closes windows calibration utility hence reapplies custom ICC profile. All of that is invisible for end user. Here is the code:

  start "" /b dccw.exe
  timeout /T 1 /nobreak >nul
  taskkill /IM dccw.exe
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