Installing latest AMD iGPU driver

This is NOT recommended! You will not be gaming on the iGPU anyway and Lenovo's is more stable.
But it's your laptop, who are we to stop you?

Might work on Windows 10

  1. Download latest driver from AMD: AMD Radeon Driver support
  2. Download WUshowhide
  3. DDU current AMD driver using this guide.
  4. Restart PC and then don’t connect to internet. After restarting to hybrid mode, the only display adapter should be Microsoft Basic Display Adapter.
  5. Once that has been confirmed, install the latest AMD driver that was previously downloaded.
  6. Once it has been installed, restart pc and boot to hybrid mode again, run the WUshowhide program and search for AMD driver deployed from Microsoft, disable that update and then u will never get this issue ever again.
  7. Open Radeon software and check the version.

Now, you have successfully avoided the nightmare. You can update to latest AMD driver from now on, without any issues.
Happy latest driver always from AMD site!

  1. In such an event, boot to safe mode, DDU the latest driver and restart pc with internet enabled.
  2. Go to windows update and search for updates. It will auto install AMD driver.
  3. If you ever want to install latest driver, then you need to be in Windows 11


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