Jarrod’sTech: The ULTIMATE Gaming Laptop RAM Comparison!

A lot was said already about the RAM issues that plague all modern laptops, but it’s not always easy to find all the information in one spot. Information tends to get fragmented, comparisons limited, and overall either too complicated on barely skimming the surface. False misinformation, even if (hopefully) unintentional doesn’t help make things clear. Luckily, we have tech channels like the one from Jarrod. He managed to put a lot of different RAM configurations to side-by-side tests and offers concrete data that all can view and understand.

“The higher is better” is as simple as it gets. The effort that went into making this video definitely deserves a recognition and may prove useful for anyone who wants a decent performance from their machine.

The video contains a lot of other benchmarks, with other games, too. With in-depth explanations why the results differs so much in one game and not so much in another, and what all the different numbers mean, the video should provide information for everyone, whether you are looking just at the results and what to pick, or want to get a better understanding why certain specifications and combinations matter so much.

But enough with talk. Better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times.