Steam deck “premium” 512GB case

We have already seen the base case for 64GB and 256GB model. Now it’s time to take a look at the premium case for the higher end Steam Deck, the 512GB model with anti-glare glass. 

(The new case with stylish zipper pulls)

While functionally the same as the base case, the devil is in the details. Different logo, zipper pulls, interior fabric.

(The base case with white logo and different zipper)

(Black interior of the base case)

The interior fabric is white-ish compared to black and we got a sneek peak on the interior bottom of the case, where a short strip of cloth is seen. Could be a pull for easier removal of the Steam Deck from the case, or a velcro strap.

(Lighter colored interior of the premium case)

(Better look at the textile strap under the Steam Deck and the microfiber cloth)

The premium model delivers other goodies, such as microfiber cloth for cleaning the display panel, as seen on one of the pictures.

(Extra goodies that come with the “high end’ 512GB Steam Deck: Microfiber cloth and drawstring pouch for the charger)

The second extra addition is the drawstring pouch for the charger, which will definitely come in handy during longer trips that outlast the maximum built-in battery life.

The last picture shows the bottom of the case, which is supposed to look the same for all models. Includes a “storage compartment” of sorts, covered by a retaining band. Valve suggested it could be used for storing accessories. Thinking that it could be used to store the charger seems like a reasonable expectation, but us at feel conflicted about the decision to have an open storage instead of having it inside the case itself.

A very interesting note is that the case will also be used in place of actual packanging, though I highly suspect it will still ship in a box of sorts. Hard to see enough space for the charger inside the case but we haven’t seen enough of the case to be sure it can’t fit in. Either way we are looking forward to the Steam Deck, more than ever!

Which case do you prefer? The stealthy black one, or the more colorful 512GB case? Let us know on the Discord!