Tweaking the untweakable – non-XMP RAM

Everyone likes free performance upgrades, but they are hardly free. Having to buy a more expensive hardware, only to get a chance, not even a guarantee, that you can overclock it for more frames per second in a game or faster processing in productivity apps is not as appealing to many users.

But what if I could overclock a hardware not designed to be overclockable?

This question was also asked by an esteemed member of our community, the PIPIPIG233666, also known as pppig233666#9264 on the discord. 

He did manage to achieve impressive results with the non-XMP RAM modules he had, even though there were certain stability issues to iron out. Nevertheless, considering the overal nature of overclocking, there seems to be a great potential, provided the balance between stability and higher performance can be achieved.

Without further ado, we suggest checking his journey for tweaking the untweakable in his blog.

No one will guarantee you any results if you try it yourself and standard disclaimer always applies – do not attempt to replicate this at home, because if you break your device, you will likely lose the warranty. Neither PIPIPIG233666, nor us take any responsibility for your actions.

But being curious is not a crime. We will watch his progress with great interest.