Setting up a Lenovo Legion without an OS

If your device came with Windows, you can use Using Lenovo Recovery to restore a Lenovo computer

  1. We assume you came here from Windows Clean Installation
  2. Connect your installer flash drive and install your basic drivers
    Recommended - AMD/Nvidia dGPU driver - Lenovo iGPU driver (Intel or AMD). This one is customized for lower power consumption and stability (they are often older drivers)
    If you still want to use the stock AMD iGPU driver follow this guide: Installing latest AMD iGPU driver
    1. Audio
    2. Bluetooth
    3. Ethernet
    4. FN Row keys
    5. Webcam
    6. WiFi
    7. AMD Serial-IO (Chipset) driver
    8. Rest can be handled by Windows Update
  3. Run Windows Update
  4. Run updates in the Microsoft Store
  5. (Optional) Install Lenovo Hotkeys
    This is a small on screen utility for stuff like CAPS LOCK and FN+Q indicators
  6. (Optional, 2021/2022 laptops only) Restore stock Lenovo Legion Power Plans: Restoring Legion Power Plans
  7. (Optional, supported laptops only) Install Dolby Vision following this guide: Dolby Vision
  8. (Optional) Install Nahimic for audio “enhancements”. Download
    Some like it, some hate it. It's up to you.
  9. Install X-Rite following this guide: X-Rite
  10. Download and install HEVC Video Extensions Download
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